Vodafone vs Airtel — Full Comparison

Vodafone and Airtel, both of them don’t need any intro to anyone in telecom sector. Airtel is the largest telecom company known while the Vodafone is just following it since a long decade. In this article we are going to compare these two leading telecom companies service on following three parameters:

Vodafone Vs Airtel
Airtel Vs Vodafone
  1. Network Coverage Area: Network coverage area is the first major parameter that any user expects from its mobile company. “The larger is the network coverage area, the greater will be the consumers” is the simple rule that every telecom company follows. Checking network reachability of Airtel and Vodafone, Airtel was found to provide consistent signal strength to the user. No matter whether the consumer is still or travelling in a bus or train, Airtel signals are constant while Vodafone signals are also but there is a little bit fluctuation in the Vodafone signals while the user is travelling. Also, in changing climates Vodafone creates little bit problem while Airtel signal may fluctuate but don’t disappear at all.

Network coverage area of both i.e. Airtel and Vodafone is close enough to compare but still Airtel promises to be ahead of Vodafone based on facts and figures.  Thus at this parameter Airtel dominates Vodafone.

  1. Internet Data Speed: Internet has become an important part of our day to day life and for it every consumer expects good internet speed. Vodafone is very promising candidate to dominate Airtel at this parameter for 3G connection. While talking about the 4G connection Airtel is again better than Vodafone. According to the survey, in some of the major city like Pune, many of the common users of Airtel and Vodafone have suggested to prefer Vodafone over Airtel due to inconvenience they faced accessing internet in some of the particular cities. However the speed of Airtel 4G is better than Vodafone 4G but the consistency of Vodafone is comment able. In Mumbai, Airtel 4G data speed is found to range from 25-30 Mbps to 50 Mbps while Vodafone data speed ranges from 10-15 Mbps to 30 Mbps only.
  1. Cost: cost is one of the major parameter for every mobile user. Every user wants better facility or service in less cost. Recharge plans thus play a most important role to attract the consumers. Comparing Airtel vs Vodafone, Vodafone recharge plans are much cost effective for the mobile users than Airtel. Airtel recharge plans are the most costly at present time in all of the telecom companies. Vodafone recharge plans are not only cheap as compared to Airtel but also better than other company’s plans as well comparing across all over India. One can also know the details by calling to Vodafone customer care

Conclusion: summarising the discussion, Airtel is found to be better than Vodafone on major of the parameters like network overage area and internet data speed as well while Vodafone dominates Airtel at cost. User must have to compromise in any of the parameters either the cost or the service/ facility.


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