Holiday Destination in India for New Year 2017

New Year is that time when one gets the opportunity to make fun and enjoy the time with their near and dear ones .All of us love making fun on such occasions and we come up with different plans for making fun on New Year. There are several fun things to do on New Year Eve and one can plan them to have a great New Year party on Happy New Year 2017.

Holiday Destinations in India 2017

There are several fun things to do on new years and we are here to provide some of the fun things one can plan to do this New Year. The best way to celebrate New Year’s Eve before welcoming the New Year is to go for a vacation with friends or family. Here we present Holiday Destination in India New Year 2017 that one can choose to celebrate the New Year to a vacation.

Here are some of the Holiday Destination in India for New Year 2017

  • Goa- What can be better than a place where one can get cheap booze and beach shacks every few meters? Goa is an ideal place for a vacation around New Years. Goa is also blessed with a wide range of biodiversity from sea-eagles to water buffaloes. Apart from that Goa offers luxurious hotels and cool parties that attract people from around the world. The best places to celebrate New year 2017
  • Puducherry-The Union Territory, lending cultural and architectural elements from its French lineage, is still very much Indian at heart. This place would be ideal for a perfect vacation for New Year 2017. With a variety of restaurants, the steak and wine, just add to its natural alluring and create the perfect destination for a laid-back but fun New Year Celebration.
  • Andaman and Nicobar islands- This is the best New Year destinations in India. The peaceful, serene and calm atmosphere of the place is transformed into one which includes crazy parties on yachts, resorts and beaches. Apart from this there can be the participation of several  sports activities that one can indulge in for a perfect holiday destination for New Year 2017 to click some awesome happy new year images.
  • Gangtok- The attraction of beautiful sunset and dawn views and its clean surroundings, this small town is also called the “Switzerland of the East”. Spending the holiday in the arms of chilly atmosphere for trekkers and tourists is the best thing possible. This will be the perfect place to spend a holiday for New Years 2017.

These are some of the Holiday Destination in India New Year 2017 that one can choose from to spend a good vacation during New Years to celebrate the coming of the new year.

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Karunya Lottery – the Kerala Super Special Lottery for Saturday

Under the Finance Minister of the state Shri. P. K. Kunju Sahib, the Kerala State Lotteries were established in 1967, was the first attempt of such a kind of decision in India that was started under the lottery department by the Government of Kerala. The reason to take such a huge step is to abolish all private lotteries. The idea of bringing the lottery system first sprouted the then under the Ministry of Finance (Government of Kerala). The target was to provide employment and supporting the government finance without disturbing the public.

The Lottery Structure of Kerala Lottery

There is  a lottery structure that Kerala government follows throughout the years, that comprises seven weekly lotteries and few seasonal. The weekly structure is like this: Win -Win on Monday, Dhanasree on Tuesday, Akshaya on Wednesday, Karunya Plus on Thursday, Bhagyanidhi on Friday, Karunya on Saturday and Pournami on Sunday.

Apart from these weekly lotteries there are categories like Bumper Lotteries too that comes as seasonal like: Bumper lotteries Vishu, Thiruvonam, Pooja, X’mas- new-year, Monsoon, Summer etc.

Karunya Lottery

Karunya lottery activates every Saturday and costs only 50 rupees. it is the best selling ticket of the lottery department of Kerala. The best part of Karunya lottery is that the whole profit goes to charity. The profit money of this lottery goes to the medical service for the poor and also is being used for the people who are affected by deadly diseases but cannot afford to continue the medical treatment. Karunya lottery is also a important part of the daily Kerala Lottery Result.

The Prize Structure of Karunya Lottery

30 Lakh tickets is printed every week for Karunya lottery. The first prize is Rs 1,00,00,000 and the second prize is 50,00,000. Each of the prizes are to win by one individual only. But the third prize is 1,00,000 and 5 candidate from each series can win that.

Documents every winner has to submit when claiming the prize of Karunya Lottery

  • Photo Id proof- Any of these: Voter ID card, Passport or Driving License
  • PAN Card of the person (Winner).
  • Address proof- Any of these- Driving License or Passport or Voter ID Card
  • Two Photographs.

To claim the winning amount Submit the above documents when you go to the Kerala Lottery Department’s office for manual verification and also the self attested copies of all the mentioned documents to claim the prize money of the Karunya Lottery.

How to Claim Prizes of 1, 00,000 INR or Below

To claim the prize amount of Rs. 1, 00,000 or under one have to follow small procedure.  The winners will have to submit the information to the lottery district offices or directorate of Kerala state lotteries department. The winners also need to mention the information regarding their addresses and signatures in the back of the lottery ticket to get the prize amount.

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