iOS 11 Beta Has The Night Mode That We All Had Been Waiting For

iOS 11 dark mode

As expected Apple launched the iOS 11( at the WWDC this year and to the excitement of fans the operating system introduced a host of new features that needs to be talked about but the one thing that has got us most excited so much so that we feel the need to talk about in a separate post is the Dark Mode that’ll have come in the iOS 11 beta. It’s probably worth mentioning that the mode wasn’t specifically mentioned in the event but seems to have appeared on an onscreen still with a bunch of other features.

Here we fear that since they didn’t specifically mention the feature, there is a chance that it may not appear in the main application. If that happens, it won’t be the first time because, in the last OS, the bets version of the last operating system had a dark mode which by the time the actual application launched, there was no night mode, to the disappointment of many fans. So remains to be seen if this time the OS will bring a night mode or will Apple recede from what it seems to promise.

It’s probably worth mentioning that there several beautiful features that Apple seems to have brought in the new OS which is why it is worth talking about. One of the things that we had been expecting and we seem to have gotten is a much more smarter Siri. With Samsung launching its in-house AI Bixby, Apple had to up it game. An update of Siri had been due for a long while, and we are just glad that it has happened. Now Siri can do better voice recognition which is very cool, and on top of that, it will be supporting smart home appliances.

Then there is an improved Apple Map that can never be better than what Google has to produce, but the new exciting feature about the Apple Map is that it now has maps inside Malls and airports of only a selected few cities which of course comes as a relief to many Apple users. Those cities are London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, San Jose, and Washington DC. As you can see the improvement comes in cities both inside and outside the US. Now Siri is also able to translate to a number of languages that includes English, German, Chinese, French, Spanish and Italian.

We are hoping that everything that Siri is bringing and more are going to be much better that they seem because by the looks of it Apple is bringing features that had seemingly been available in Android since forever but since its Apple and also because it’s Apple’s iPhone’s 10th anniversary we are hoping that the features will turn out to be much better than what they seem. And lastly it must be mentioned that Apple did not really talk about the compatible devices, but we are hoping the following devices will e compatible – iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus along with  iPad Air 1, iPad Air 2, as well as iPad Pro (9.7 and 12.9-inch).

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