Apple iPhone 7 smartest of the lot

Apple iPhone 7

Just less than 50 days are left before Apple would be launching iPhone 7 in the market. All folks have a pretty particular idea that when and where the launch will happen, but still for the record, Apple would be launching its newest member of the iPhone family on 16th September.

If the new iPhone 7 would not be the best of the iPhone collection that apple would be launching as a next or a future generation model, but It could be the best selling one. After few weeks Apple is going to unwrap this hotly anticipated iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and users could have something to change for. As CEO Tim Cook said, this iPhone 7 would become the next change for iPhone and people would be interested in upgrading it to the newest member in the fullest of it.

Undoubtedly the upcoming iPhone 7 would be on the hot list with its new features and design, thanks to all the countless leaked photos that have arisen over the past couple of months on the internet.

But have you ever wondered, why all of these leaks photos end up here on the internet? There you go folks, I think from past few months you were living under a cloche, here comes some interesting loud news for you readers- I mean iPhones are huge thing, yeah it varies ahead of launch, but still Apple manages to sell it before the manufacturers can even build, so it’s the monopoly of accessory makers to style alive skins for the new iPhone7 and iPhone 7 plus! #Touché

Maybe we have gone enough with the blowing winds of leaks, let’s look for the new features that are expected to feature in iPhone 7;

Apple iPhone 7
Apple iPhone 7

The design has no 3.5mm jack and replaced it with a stereo speaker, integrated camera lens with 12 megapixels into the body unlike with the current iPhone 6S, having a faster processor with chipset of A10 which Apple has promised that it will the fastest in the market, comes with iOS10, 2GB of RAM and a base model of 32GB storage to get it all in, but what looks fascinating are the little details that Apple has tried to do with this new iPhone 7 giving a more trendsetter outlay, I am sure once you can hold it in your hand you can totally sense the new body of iPhone 7.

Hopefully, there are more pros than cons and may be Apple has always worked out in their selling techniques of iPhones in the market over the last decade. This new forthcoming smart Apple iPhone 7 has also created a buzz in the market before it could even land in the hands of consumers.

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