Download ShowBox on Windows Phone with Simple Steps

Showbox for Windows

While we are living in the era of technology, smart phones are deeply the most important part of this upheaval, and the help of apps through these phones are an integral part of it. In all the help possible to provide by them, entertainment is an important part. There are multiple apps which are providing it, but ShowBox is the most important names here. As it is an app that is made for the Android phones thus, it needs some different process to download for the Android phones. Thus today we will discuss the process to download ShowBox on Windows Phones.

ShowBox App for Windows Phone

But the sad fact is ShowBox cannot be actually downloaded on Windows Phone. As APK doesn’t work on Windows Phone OS, the ShowBox app will not be compatible with the Windows Phone. But the interesting fact is there is a similar app with almost identical functionality that works the same way and allows you to watch movies and TV Shows for free on your Windows Phone. This app is “MovieBox” with the same quality videos and a slightly different user interface. Not only Window Phone users, but also iOS users can use it to watch their favorite movies and TV Shows here.

Showbox for Windows
Showbox for Windows Phone

How to Download ShowBox on Windows Phone

First, go to the Windows Store and search for the app and click on the download button. As MovieBox is an official app, it is accessible both in the Windows Phone official page and also on the Play Store. Download it directly to the phone or get it to your computer and then transfer it to the phone using USB or Bluetooth or Shareit.

click on the image displaying “Install”.

The Windows site will take you to a new page, to sign in or log in. As a Microsoft account is attached to the Windows Phone, use it to make a sign in.

Once signed in, a synchronization will take place where you will have the app downloaded directly or synchronized if used from the PC.

After the installation, the MovieBox app can be seen in the system tray menu.

 Finally, the installation is completed, and now you can enjoy the app MovieBox perfectly.

Last Words

Hope the tutorial to download ShowBox on Windows phone will help you to get the app on your Windows device. Just follow the simple steps described above and enjoy the new experience of watching movies and shows.

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